Your Local, Bespoke Holiday Property Management company

Having been in the holiday lettings industry in Argyll for a number of years, we know the local market very well, and what sells your property.  We offer a bespoke, fully-managed service and are experienced in all aspects of booking - from setting up your property, and advertising right through to departures and changeovers.

We firmly believe that if you can get guests on-side before they arrive, you're already half way there.  Putting the effort in before they arrives sets you off on a good foot - and puts them in a good mood.

It pays to strive for guest satisfaction - getting guests who have already been to book again is less costly than finding new guests, and if they are booking again it means they enjoyed it first time round - so they are already arriving to a property which meets their expectations.  Unlike most companies, we are thinking long-term about your property and aiming to build you a customer base, rather than just fitting in as many single night (and low value) bookings as possible.

In today's highly competitive marketplace, a quick response is key.  Most guests probably aren't just emailing one person - they've probably enquired at several properties, so getting back to them quickly increases your chances of securing a booking.

We have good knowledge of the local market - meaning you don't have to.  We can advise on extra touches that might just put you ahead of other properties, and we can even advise on things such as furnishings - sometimes less is indeed more.  Sometimes there are also certain things which make the changeover process more practical, and can allow you to maintain a higher standard of property (with fewer maintenance requirements) for longer.

Get in touch today to see how we could help you!